My Story

This journey took me by surprise in the weirdest kind of way. I have loved fashion, designing and making things ever since I picked up my first Fashion Magazine. Did I know it would take me here? Not in a million years. Am I glad? Hell Yeah!

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some compassion, some humour and some style.” –Β Maya Angelou

My Little Hanger is the piece of the baby fashion jigsaw puzzle I just could not seem to find on the high street nor could I afford off the runway. University did not agree with me so everything I have learnt has been from College, books, YouTube and good old fashion trial and error. Perfection is my aim and everything I make had taken a considerable amount of time, effort and is smothered in a buttery layer of LOVE. If you find yourself making a well deserved purchase at the Checkout remember “when you buy from a small business am actual person does a happy dance”.